Our seamstress


Over 30 years our seamstress (La Couturiere) has been helping you maintain your look by designing, repairing, altering your clothes. We make it our objective to give you the best experienced repair advice allowing you to extend the life of your clothes and augment the confidence and confort in you.

Our skilled and creative seamstress worked with Quebec’s haut couture designers such as Marie St-Pierre, Body bad, etc. The experience gained allows her to source quality materials and use haut couture production technics to alter and repair your garments.

Services include:

  • A seamstress on-site
  • We alter and repair jackets, coats, shirts, drapes, pants, skirt, dress, blouse and hats
  • General alteration and repairs
  • Shorten/lengthen (all), resize fit
  • Resize bridesmaids and wedding gowns 
  • Renew jackets, coats, dressy pants and skirts by changing partial or full lining and even patching
  • Replace zipper for coats, jackets, pants and skirts
  • Renew jeans by invisible patching or creative patching

 *seamstress on-site on Saturdays only

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