Why it all began

What is maître cordonnier?

At a tender age, my father had big dreams and aspirations. He always thinks big and never wants to disappoint therefore his dream of becoming a “shoe doctor” didn’t seem far fetched in my eyes. He gained his knowledge through time and also through experience. He has seen hardship and has called multiple countries home, hence accumulating unique knowledge in order to tend to different fabrics known worldwide. I won’t spoil all of his secrets; it is worth visiting Mr. Khatchik’s store, in order to hear first hand his magnificent stories, while watching your shoes come back to life.

Here is a little history, in order for you to know a little more in depth the passion that my father has for his business and the work ethic that he has in order to make his company flourish:

In the 1940s, Mr. Katchik Tavitian learned the ways of shoe making along side his father; they had a shoe factory where they designed and produced shoes, boots, and slippers. He did not stop there; he pursued his passion to Europe, visiting major leather factories, locating quality shoe repair machines and learning all the details of this fine art.  He believed and still believes in providing quality made shoes that will last for years and it is that belief that explains why. 

So, Why’s goal is to keep you posted on the tricks and the trades of maintaining a healthy shoe. In addition, we encourage you to send us your “shoe stories” in order to receive expert advice for no cost. The foundation of this family business is built on passion, so our primary goal is to serve our customers to the best of our abilities. Our team anxiously awaits to greet new customers.


In hopes to see you soon,



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