Shoe Repair

Since 1964, Maitre Cordonnier has been helping maintain your leather goods by repairing, cleaning, and shining them.

We make it our objective to give you the best-experienced repair and advice for you to renew your shoes or boots look and appearance. We carry a complete selection of shoe care products, shoetrees, insoles and fitting aids.

Based on our shoe care experience, we have carefully put together maintenance solutions for you to clean, condition, polish, and protect your leather goods.  Our solutions apply to your dress shoes, running shoes, boots, leather jackets, sofas or other leather, suede or nubuck goods.

The Maître Cordonnier products help you

  1.  Clean (maintain)
  2.  Condition (keep and preserve)
  3.  Polish (renew look and appearance)
  4.  Protect (repel stain)

Maitre Cordonnier is the expert in quality leather shoe repair and care services.  We offer a professional, customer oriented service using only the highest quality materials and methods.

Service include:

  •   Shoe repairs
    • heels, soles, full sole, half-sole, replace zipper and patch tear
  •   Luggage repair
    • Repair straps, zippers and tear
    • replace wheels
  •   Accessory repair
    • Repair purse straps, zippers and tears. Replace clips, clamps and buckles
    • Shorten or extend belt, puncture holes in belt.
    • Change belt buckle
  •   Leather Maintenance
    • Polish and shine leather, stretch boots or shoes, rubber half-sole waterproof and protect.
    • Grip enhancing rubber heels and soles

We always look to source the highest quality materials available, because we believe the customer will benefit from a more complete "value package".