Purchasing A Shoe

Mmm, you look good; are you comfy? What are you made of, how could I take care of you?


Starting from a young age, my father would try to instill in me the importance of having comfortable pairs of shoes, but I would never really want to be bothered with his life lessons. At an older age, I now realise that my father had acquired the right reasoning and my goal is, by this article, to help you gain further knowledge when it comes to deciding on the perfect pair of shoes that will suit your specific needs. 

Advice by the expert: What to look for when purchasing a shoe?

  • Footwear Comfort:does the shoe fit my foot comfortably? Back problems, fatigue, and sore feet are most often caused by uncomfortable footwear. We recommend that you try both pair of shoes in store by walking around in them for at least five minutes. Comfort can be attained by adding your favorite insole and or stretching your shoes with devices such as: shoe stretcher.
  • Shoe Maintenance:are there products I can use to preserve the type of leather I purchase? Old fashioned shoes are made of pure leather. Real leather is no problem to maintain, products are abundant; however suede, sheepskin (Uggs) and manmade leathers, are not as easily cleaned. It is recommended in all cases of leather to start the shoe maintenance process since the first use.
  • Healthy Appearance:do I like how the shoe looks on me? Appearance is a subjective and variable component, depending on individuals likes and dislikes.  Keep in mind that shoe products that maintain the looks of a shoe have two parameters: the type of leather and the colour. White shoes, for example, need twice as much care and attention to stay white than black shoes.

Let me remind you that not every shoe purchase you make has to be a great purchase. Look around try all types of leathers and forms until you find the right shoe for you. When you are about to spend 300$ or more on a beautiful pair of white suede boots, have in mind the pair of boots needs to be regularly maintained with quality shoe care products to keep its original worth. On the other hand, when you pay less for a shoe, choosing the quick and instant maintenance solution provides you the healthy look while extending normal wear and tear for everyday shoes. No matter what your needs, a shoe that answers to these three questions is a shoe that will last.

Yours sincerely,
Maitre Cordonnier 

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