Suede and Nubuck shoe care and orthopedic adjustments

Come see our excellent workmanship

Renew your suede boots or shoes. We offer a range of services and products for Suede & Nubuck shoe care. Browse through our Suede & Nubuck Care products.

We can also make adjustments to your shoes for your orthopedic needs. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Come see our excellent workmanship. Renew your work boots and orthopedic adjustments.


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Invisible patching on jeans and pants

Come see our excellent workmanship

Renew jeans by invisible patching

Come see our excellent workmanship. Renew jeans by invisible patching.


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Votre Ugg en hivers canadiens

Les hivers canadiens peuvent être glaciale, humide et dure, cependant les “vrais habitants locaux” connaissent et apprécient le vrai sens de la tenue de neige hivernale durable. En effet, les bottes biens entretenus sont primordiaux pour pouvoir surmonter les 5 mois de temps glacial.

Voici ce que les professionnel de maître cordonnier recommande: Kit soins de peau de mouton. Non seulement ce produit revitalisant aide à ramener à vie vos anciennes bottes Uggs, mais permettra également d’éviter de dommages futurs.

soins de peau de mouton pour ugg


Renew Your Jeans

Renewing your jeans has never been so fun!



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Maintaining Sheepskin Boots in Canadian Winter


Canadian winters can be frigid, wet and harsh. Yet true locals know and appreciate the meaning of comfortable and durable snow attire. Therefor well-kept boots are a must to overcome the 5 months of icy weather.

Here is what the professional at maitre cordonnier recommend:

The use of Sheepskin Water and Stain Repellent.  Not only will this conditionner help bring back to life your stained Ugg boots but it will prevent future damages. For full efficiency, we recommend the bundle for Sheepskin which includes the 2 products mentioned above in addition of a nylon brush .

Footwear Slogans:
"Getting salt stains off your boots is getting your boots trough winter."


sheepskin care kit to clean your Uggs




Yours sincirely,

Purchasing A Shoe

Mmm, you look good; are you comfy? What are you made of, how could I take care of you?


Starting from a young age, my father would try to instill in me the importance of having comfortable pairs of shoes, but I would never really want to be bothered with his life lessons. At an older age, I now realise that my father had acquired the right reasoning and my goal is, by this article, to help you gain further knowledge when it comes to deciding on the perfect pair of shoes that will suit your specific needs. 

Advice by the expert: What to look for when purchasing a shoe?

  • Footwear Comfort:does the shoe fit my foot comfortably? Back problems, fatigue, and sore feet are most often caused by uncomfortable footwear. We recommend that you try both pair of shoes in store by walking around in them for at least five minutes. Comfort can be attained by adding your favorite insole and or stretching your shoes with devices such as: shoe stretcher.
  • Shoe Maintenance:are there products I can use to preserve the type of leather I purchase? Old fashioned shoes are made of pure leather. Real leather is no problem to maintain, products are abundant; however suede, sheepskin (Uggs) and manmade leathers, are not as easily cleaned. It is recommended in all cases of leather to start the shoe maintenance process since the first use.
  • Healthy Appearance:do I like how the shoe looks on me? Appearance is a subjective and variable component, depending on individuals likes and dislikes.  Keep in mind that shoe products that maintain the looks of a shoe have two parameters: the type of leather and the colour. White shoes, for example, need twice as much care and attention to stay white than black shoes.

Let me remind you that not every shoe purchase you make has to be a great purchase. Look around try all types of leathers and forms until you find the right shoe for you. When you are about to spend 300$ or more on a beautiful pair of white suede boots, have in mind the pair of boots needs to be regularly maintained with quality shoe care products to keep its original worth. On the other hand, when you pay less for a shoe, choosing the quick and instant maintenance solution provides you the healthy look while extending normal wear and tear for everyday shoes. No matter what your needs, a shoe that answers to these three questions is a shoe that will last.

Yours sincerely,
Maitre Cordonnier 

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Why it all began

What is maître cordonnier?

At a tender age, my father had big dreams and aspirations. He always thinks big and never wants to disappoint therefore his dream of becoming a “shoe doctor” didn’t seem far fetched in my eyes. He gained his knowledge through time and also through experience. He has seen hardship and has called multiple countries home, hence accumulating unique knowledge in order to tend to different fabrics known worldwide. I won’t spoil all of his secrets; it is worth visiting Mr. Khatchik’s store, in order to hear first hand his magnificent stories, while watching your shoes come back to life.

Here is a little history, in order for you to know a little more in depth the passion that my father has for his business and the work ethic that he has in order to make his company flourish:

In the 1940s, Mr. Katchik Tavitian learned the ways of shoe making along side his father; they had a shoe factory where they designed and produced shoes, boots, and slippers. He did not stop there; he pursued his passion to Europe, visiting major leather factories, locating quality shoe repair machines and learning all the details of this fine art.  He believed and still believes in providing quality made shoes that will last for years and it is that belief that explains why. 

So, Why’s goal is to keep you posted on the tricks and the trades of maintaining a healthy shoe. In addition, we encourage you to send us your “shoe stories” in order to receive expert advice for no cost. The foundation of this family business is built on passion, so our primary goal is to serve our customers to the best of our abilities. Our team anxiously awaits to greet new customers.


In hopes to see you soon,



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