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Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Care

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Durable and fashionable overshoes for men designed for extra traction on slippery surfaces. 100% waterproof rubber overshoes protects your footwear from rain, snow and salt damage. The M&B Snow Guard Adventurer overshoes are designed with a sturdy front zipper and combination rubber/elastic material allowing the overshoes to fit most footwear. Features a tread design for extra traction on slippery surfaces. Available sizes: S(6-7), M(8-9), L(10-11), XL(12-13)

All Soft Furniture Cleaner

All Soft furniture cleaner and conditioner gently yet effectively cleans and conditions leather. Specially formulated with lanolin and nutrients, prevents leather from premature aging. Ideal for leather and vinyl furniture, auto, and boat interiors cleaning. Contains lanolin and U.V. protection.

Anti Slip Ball Of Foot Cushion

Gel Anti-Slip Ball-of-Foot Cushions provide front of foot support and comfort when weight is transferred from the heel to the ball of foot. The ribbed surface of the pad stops shoes from feeling too wide or loose by keeping feet firmly in their intended place.

Black Shoe Cream

Moneysworth & Best's jar Black Shoe Cream are blended in small vats to exacting standards. Our creams combine the right amount of natural oils, waxes, lanolin and pigments to restore moisture to leather, while also providing a soft and natural shine. Ideal for use on soft leather shoes and boots.

Boot Shaper

Boot Shapers are essential for every household. A versatile boot shaper that fits any size and style of boot.
$26.50 $23.50

Brillo Leather Dye

Brillo Leather Dye made for re-dying leather footwear and accessories by applying liquid dye using the included wool dauber.

Brillo Shoe Color Spray

Permanent shoe colour sprays are available in over 30 in stock colours. Will not rub off. Repels water, soil and stains. New and improved formulation!
From $12.00

Cedar Hanger- 5 Pack

Solde in 5 Pack. Made with 100% aromatic red cedar. A wider design with contoured shoulders will support larger apparel without any slips, snags or strains. Great for suits, jackets and overcoats. The cedar scent helps protect from moths and insects while infusing your closet with a fragrant cedar aroma.
A seamstress on premiss to renew your jeans

A seamstress on premiss to renew your jeans